The Good, The Bad, and The Creepy

Yes, I’m ripping off movie titles.

So the good: it was sunny for awhile today. And warm enough that I didn’t need a jacket.  If 57 is warm, which it was after all the snow and ice. 

The bad: I’ll tell it in a letter.

Dear Student Loan Company,

Learn to read.  And reading comprehension.  So I won’t get unnecessary phone calls.

Not so many thanks,


Yep, they did it again.  Though it felt nice to tell them, hello, I’m in the clear, you stupid idiots.  I didn’t call them names but it was nice to be able to point out their mistake.

The Creepy: Creepy has been at it again.  Very bad again.  This time it involves more, and more legal issues so I can’t get into it because I’m protecting a couple of people.  Plus, I’m protecting myself from this garbage and situation.

I have orange juice again.  Still sore though.  Did get many things done today.  Still need to find a job.  Oh, and be hired and actually work the job. 

I got taxes done last night, which was nice plus I get a decent refund from the feds.  I also get a refund from the state but am thinking of using that to pay back some of my unemployment.  I figure preemptive strike.  Having to pay back was always a possibility.  I haven’t been told I have to but I figure a gesture of goodwill will help and it puts money back in for others who need it.

I’m off to read more of library books due back next week.  And then bed since I stayed up all night last night though I did get a short nap earlier until I was awakened by the shouting of Creepy and,the one neighbor.



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