Go Away

Bad headspace.  I’d rather spend most of my day sleeping.  Why get up if I have nowhere to go and nothing to really do.  And then after I get up I’m so…something…that I’m in tears.  And I was so…something…before I finally fell asleep this morning I was in tears then, too. So all in all … Continue reading Go Away

Oy Vey

I keep wanting to visit that stupid blog even though I know I shouldn’t.  So far I’ve managed not to for almost three days.  I don’t need to read lies and garbage that will just make me angry.  And posting comments would probably get me banned, not because I was rude or anything but because … Continue reading Oy Vey

Akk…Part Three

I didn’t mean for a third part but there are a few more things I wanted to point out.  And I’ll stop at three parts because trilogies are better and more compact.  Too many sequels hurt the franchise (just look at Police Academy movies or Star Trek TV shows)(*facepalm* I’m so dating myself). 13.Telling people … Continue reading Akk…Part Three

Why I No Longer…Part Two

I hadn’t intended to write a second part, heck I hate reading series in books usually because, the library doesn’t have the complete series, but I forgot a few things in my way too long post yesterday.  Sorry for the wordiness yesterday and possibly today. Another reason I quit reading those blogs was finding smoke … Continue reading Why I No Longer…Part Two

Why I No Longer…

In this case, read certain blogs or visit certain types of websites and forums.  They aren’t good for me.  They don’t benefit me in anyway. I noticed in my paper journaling a few months ago I was expressing dissatisfaction about a certain Christian blog I was reading and how I was treated for posting a … Continue reading Why I No Longer…

Springy Spring?

Well, things are in bloom and the sun is shining at least.  Temps need to warmer though. Cherry blossoms I don’t know what kind of tree this is but I love it when it blooms. And some nice green grass, the result of all our rain. So nice day overall.  Got some things done.  Now … Continue reading Springy Spring?

I’m a Nerd

I really am.  I already had three books from the library to still finish (they’re each pretty far enough along but wasn’t close enough to finish before I returned the ones I returned today).  I checked out another ten more.  Yes, I’m a nerd.  Well actually I just really like to read. Here’s the new … Continue reading I’m a Nerd