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Go Away

Bad headspace.  I’d rather spend most of my day sleeping.  Why get up if I have nowhere to go and nothing to really do.  And then after I get up I’m so…something…that I’m in tears.  And I was so…something…before I finally fell asleep this morning I was in tears then, too.

So all in all not a good day today.  I did, however, cleaned the kitchen sink (baking soda when I don’t need a deep clean) and cleaned and dusted the smaller fan in my bedroom.  Listening to music also helped to lift my mood a bit.


Oy Vey

I keep wanting to visit that stupid blog even though I know I shouldn’t.  So far I’ve managed not to for almost three days.  I don’t need to read lies and garbage that will just make me angry.  And posting comments would probably get me banned, not because I was rude or anything but because I didn’t tow their party line.

So no reading stupid blogs. Therefore, I’ve had to write in my paper journal more to work out some anger, some towards the blog and some towards people who refuse to understand Church teaching or think that popularity pressure will change doctrine.  Just stupid stuff.

It’s spring break here in Oregon so of course that means rain.  It’s also the first spring break where I haven’t had to farmsit.  Yes, farmsit as in watch a farm.  It’s nice not being out in the rain and mud dealing with grumpy and wet animals.

Tomorrow, March 26, is an Ember Day for the Archdiocese of Portland.  An Ember Day is a day of fasting and abstinence and prayer set aside, in this case, for the strengthening of family and marriage.  Especially in the world today where families and traditional marriage are under such insidious attack by those that want to make sin, law.  And want those who oppose such sin to celebrate, worship, and embrace that sin instead.  Thankfully, the Catholic Church will not bow to such lies and demands and never will.

I know the Archdiocese also has an Ember Day in June set aside for support of victims of clergy sexual abuse and victims of sexual abuse in general.  Archbishop Emeritus John Vlazny set the day a few years ago.  I won’t know the exact date until closer to it so I’ll post it then.

Not quite three and a half weeks left of Lent.  And those that gave up chocolate are probably regretting that about now. *tongue firmly in cheek*  Don’t worry, next Lent you can give up giving up chocolate. That’ll work better for you. đŸ™‚

Still looking for a job and today I actually looked, which is quite an important part of the process.  So I’ve heard.

Anyway, I work on that stack of books I’ve got.  And figure out the wet ingredients for my blueberry bread.  It was supposed to be orange bread but I defrosted the blueberries and so now need to use them.  Plus, not so keen on orange juice right now let alone orange bread.

Akk…Part Three

I didn’t mean for a third part but there are a few more things I wanted to point out.  And I’ll stop at three parts because trilogies are better and more compact.  Too many sequels hurt the franchise (just look at Police Academy movies or Star Trek TV shows)(*facepalm* I’m so dating myself).

13.Telling people it’s okay to quit/leave the Church and never go back because you’ve been “hurt”
14. Telling Christians not to believe in or follow Jesus all because somebody hurt them
15. Pick on people because they have a lot of money (not just those who gained it illegally and immoraly but those who come by it honestly and work for.  Apparently, it’s okay for “Christians” to have money but not their pastors.)
16. Saying they (bloggers) hold to one position when they really don’t or outright lying about believing/supporting a position when they don’t
17. Just plain out lying about a variety of things
18. Allowing people to play the victim too long or when they weren’t actually the victim
19. Doing nothing to actual change the problems they were protesting against (okay, that’s a bit of a repeat but still very important because I saw a lot of talking and no walking)
20. Hurting the Body of Christ in the Name of the Body of Christ

I want to cover 19 a bit more.  These bloggers would point out all these problems, victims yet would do nothing to change or support change to these problems.  If you have a leak in your roof, you don’t say you have one and then do nothing.  You fix it. 

These bloggers keep pointing out the leaky roof but refuse to fix it.  They say it’s not their problem to fix or that it’s not up to them.  It’s not their roof even though they keep calling it their roof.  They say their only responsibility is to point out the leaky roof, never to fix it.  They love putting their noses in everyone elses business but when they get called on it they hem and haw and refuse to admit to their inviting themselves in where they don’t belong.  And they don’t want to be part of the solution.  That’s Work.  They don’t do work.  They don’t get their hands dirty.

I have seen Christian sites that not only point out the problem but also give a solution.  I’ve posted one to my blog roll (Recovering Grace) that is not just dealing with false and heretical teaching but also reaching out to ATI to effect changes.  They aren’t passive.  They are active.  These bloggers aren’t just victims, they are survivors.  They have learned what was wrong and what happened to them, told their stories, found the problem, and are giving solutions.  They are growing, healing, changing. 

I was reading these blogs and there was no call for change.  Just feeding of the victim mentality and other garbage.  I was hoping for something like Recovering Grace and all I got was diary of a 13 year old girl.  No offense to the girl, that’s just a stage.  But these blogs are run by adults and so should be acting like adults, not whining and moaning and then sitting back and doing nothing.

Oh well, I should stop if only because I have veggies roasting in the oven that are probably done.  And I should not give these stupid blogs any more of my time or mental space.

Why I No Longer…Part Two

I hadn’t intended to write a second part, heck I hate reading series in books usually because, the library doesn’t have the complete series, but I forgot a few things in my way too long post yesterday.  Sorry for the wordiness yesterday and possibly today.

Another reason I quit reading those blogs was finding smoke were there wasn’t any fire.  That is, they would find things and blow them out of proportion, implying though usually out right saying that these things were becoming so common place that if you hadn’t seen or heard about it then you had your head in the sand.  These things were happening RIGHT NOW and were so dangerous they needed to be stopped.  And that they were the only ones calling for these things to be stopped so they expected a lot of pushback and even threats for speaking “The Truthâ„¢”.

So we have:
#Creating problems that don’t exist or blowing them out of proportion
#Creating a “state of emergency” and creating panic and fear
#Placing themselves (the bloggers) as the only speakers of truth while also creating an environment of “persecution” for speaking such “truth”

And there is more.  (I know, I know, I’m wordy)  Then, part of the finding smoke where there is no fire but it’s a clear day, is making small, unimportant issues major theological points necessary for salvation.  All this AFTER they accuse others of doing the same exact thing and taking them to task for it.

Then there is the favoritism or basically confirmation bias.  As long as you agree with the bloggers, no matter how you treat fellow commenters, you are safe and can get away with murder.  Extra points for agreeing with their theology (which changes constantly; remember those pesky minor major issues) and their allows.

So reasons are:
1. Too much bad behavior and beliefs that were/are trumpeted as “Christian”
2. Little to no fact checking of stories
3. Shouting smoke when there is no fire
4. Creating a false state of emergency
5. Creating/marketing as the only purveyor of truth
6. Lying about being persecuted and/or playing up disagreements and threats as more than they really are
6. Making majors out of the minors or even non-issues
7. Playing favorites to the detriment of good discussion
8. Bad theology and beliefs (beyond just differences between Catholic and Protestant and even Protestant and Protestant)
9. Name calling, bullying, harassment, wishing evil, damning people to hell all for disagreeing
10. Not willing to tow a party line that requires hurting people rather than helping
11. Calling people liars for speaking the truth or saying something in disagreement
12. Where’s Jesus?

I think that’s everything.  I also have determined to check on thus blogs in three months to see if they improve or continue further downhill.  I may, at that time, name those blogs.  I don’t care about them nor really about being attacked.  I just don’t want them getting traffic or have more people sucked into their vortex.

Why I No Longer…

In this case, read certain blogs or visit certain types of websites and forums.  They aren’t good for me.  They don’t benefit me in anyway.

I noticed in my paper journaling a few months ago I was expressing dissatisfaction about a certain Christian blog I was reading and how I was treated for posting a Catholic perspective.  Knowing the WWW and the way most blogs/forums work, this was concerning but not overly so. 

Blogs and whatnot go through cycles were things can get nasty for awhile but then people take notice of their behavior and apologize for the nasty and get back on track.  They get away from the tearing down and go back to the building up.  They even catch themselves when they slip and they are willing to take fraternal correction when somebody points out where/when they might be straying.  They even take breaks so that they don’t lapse back into that bad behavior.

Unfortunately, some of the Christian blogs I had been reading have gone almost completely into tearing down fellow Christians instead of building up.  Name calling, questioning someone’s sincerity in being an actual “Christian,” damning people to hell, wishing pain and suffering on people because they didn’t support a particular bloggers view, etc.  Oh, there is a lot more bad than good.  But looking at this and what I was writing in my paper journal I came to the conclusion that these blogs were no longer of benefit to me.  I was becoming more angry and upset over people’s need to tear down and justifying their tearing down as “Christian.” 

It became all about hurting and very little helping.  If you confirmed the bias of the bloggers, you were considered good Christians and saved and allowed to keep posting, especially if you put down whom the bloggers were putting down.  If you questioned, even a little, you were bullied and harassed and called names and had pain and suffering wished upon you and then eventually banned, all because of a minor fact checking. 

The bloggers themselves may argue that they allowed discussion and disagreement but it is a lie.  I’ve seen people who provided proof as to why they were questioning and still get banned with the bloggers claiming harassment and other things going on behind scenes.  Things that can’t be proved, of course, but bloggers never lie, right?

Then there is what I call the sob story effect.  It’s when somebody tells a story of hardship, harassment, bullying, even shunning all done by The Church® (which has nothing to do with the Catholic Church, just to clarify, though She might be brought in as a comparison and we have to mention those pedophile priests (gag)).  These storytellers all claim to be abused, how they have had their faith in Jesus Christ shaken so bad they no longer believe or go to church, and are telling their story to stop others from becoming victims.

First, I want to say that their are true cases where individuals have been hurt and abused by their churches.  I grieve for these victims.  Their stories are true, they are painfully real, and they seek change and healing, for themselves and the church they were/are a part of.  These stories I do not doubt or question.

However, there are stories that are patently false or are so full of lies or are only true in the very beginning but then spiral out into a great fish tale.  These are the ones where the storyteller plays the victim, is out to hurt the church or people in church they were in, or just wants to be in the spotlight (the old wanting attention schtick), or hates religion and is out to attack or those that just want to blame others for their failures.  I have a major problem with these people.  They are only in it to advance themselves and/or their agenda.  They hurt and make those that are telling true stories look bad.  Readers don’t always get all the facts so they can’t judge the truth of the story.  Liars especially rely on this.  And they rely on the emotional reaction they get.

Playing the victim card is especially notorious for playing the emotions.  They tell a sob story that must be true because it plays on the heart strings.  They may be a few truths or facts but the rest of the story is complete fiction made up to elicit an emotion.  On the one blog I was reading, it seemed more and more stories were posted mainly because they were emotional rather than true.  I would read stories and something would be off or not quite believable.  I could tell the bloggers themselves hadn’t checked the story at all.  Hence, the sob story effect.

If it seemed like a good story, it was automatically judged true.  Facts were missing.  Elements were not checked.  Things just seemed off.  But that didn’t matter to the bloggers.  They posted it as fact and if anybody questioned, it was automatic moderation and then banning. Mostly it was straight to banned. 

Even though I don’t trust most news sources, most reporters check their sources and factors because even one little lie gets you blackballed.  They don’t do it.  They check and recheck.  They verify and if things don’t make sense they keep digging and doing research.  They don’t accept at face value what they are told. 

So I am no longer reading certain websites, blogs, etc. and I won’t mention specific blogs here because I have seen supporters of those blogs go after people who don’t wholeheartedly agree with the bloggers with severe vitriol.  I don’t need my blog attacked.  I don’t mind charitable disagreement but I don’t want name calling and other deplorable behaviors either. These people prefer to tear down instead of engaging in debate.

Tearing down the Body of Christ hurts everyone.  I refuse to take part in it.  While the blogs  I refer to are Protestant, I have seen this among Catholics as well.  I may disagree with Protestant theology but I don’t agree or permit tearing.down fellow believers in Jesus.  I believe most Protestants are doing the best they can with the churches they have all in an effort to follow Jesus.  I won’t badmouth them.  That’s not loving my neighbor.

I don’t have a problem in pointing out errors or problems in teaching or beliefs or practices.  It can be done in a charitable manner that doesn’t condemn others or tear them down.  It also helps if solutions are provided and those who point out problems are willing to support and help in implementing the changes and solutions.  I’ve seen too many people willing to point out failures but stop from suggesting solutions because they argue that it doesn’t involve them.  If you’re willing to point out then you have to step up and truly support the changes, not just keep pointing out failures.

Or as the T-shirt says: If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.

Springy Spring?

Well, things are in bloom and the sun is shining at least.  Temps need to warmer though.

Cherry blossoms




I don’t know what kind of tree this is but I love it when it blooms.



And some nice green grass, the result of all our rain.


So nice day overall.  Got some things done.  Now off to read.

I’m a Nerd

I really am.  I already had three books from the library to still finish (they’re each pretty far enough along but wasn’t close enough to finish before I returned the ones I returned today).  I checked out another ten more.  Yes, I’m a nerd.  Well actually I just really like to read.


Here’s the new stack of books plus one of the ones I need to finish.  Some fiction (4), some nonfiction (6) plus two fiction and one nonfiction to finish. 

What can I say I love the library.

I had wanted to put pictures of the neighbor’s tree and the cherry blossoms in bloom but the picture I took out my bedroom window has the screen in the way.  And I didn’t take any pictures of the cherry blossoms even though there is one right out front of my living room window.  Maybe tomorrow.

I did however finally clean out the trunk of my car.  No more evil security company crap left. I kept the hard hard and one safety vest though I may still get rid of it.  But all the crap is gone. 

Okay, I’m still a need.  But that’s not a bad thing.  đŸ™‚


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