5 misconceptions about Catholics and abortion


So I found this article a couple of weeks ago and was a not surprised that it actually managed to get things nearly right.  It’s also been a couple of weeks since I read it so I might be a little off.

What I find interesting is that lately I have found more articles about the Catholic faith, the Church, and her teachings where the author actually gets the details right.  And there are a lot more comments to these articles where many more posters defend the Church instead of putting Her down.  And not all of those defenders are Catholic either.

I think this is especially fascinating since many Catholics in America want the Church to change her teachings on certain topics.  And yet there is also hope.  I’ve seen people put forward what they call the “Francis effect” where Pope Francis and what he says and does impacts views and beliefs.  And not just Catholics are affected by thus effect.  Like I said, there seems to be an air of hope, even if it is the false hope of a change of Catholic doctrine that will never happen.

Francis is the third pope in my lifetime.  That is a fact.  I will not compare him to Benedict or  Blessed John Paul II. These are all different men with different abilities and personalities.  None are better or worse than the others.  They were each chosen by the Holy Spirit and He knows what is best for Holy Mother Church.  We have to trust that and not judge our wants and preferences and decide that our will is better than the Holy Spirit and God’s will.



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