The Good and I Needed a Nap

Well, I did though it ended up longer than I would have liked. Oh well.

Weather was very nice today sunny and warm enough that I opened my bedroom window.  I’ve also turned off the heat but that was more due to the electric bill.which was the highest it has ever been for February.  So I had been thinking of turning the heat off early instead of my usual April 1 St and with the electric bill, it was decided.  Ah, at least it’s above freezing at night so it’s not bad.  And if it does get too cold I can layer or even turn the heat back on.

Creepy from downstairs is gone and has been for several weeks now.  Apartment people kicked him out which is so nice.  Let’s hope the next tenants are better.  We’ll see.

Ran into a former coworker at Walmart today.  It was nice running into her.  Evil security company is still evil and hurting people.  At least some of the really troublesome ones were finally fired.  Boy am I glad I’m out of there.  I also saw a former, nasty supervisor as I was walking into Walmart but she refused to see me so I’m happy because I didn’t want to deal with her.

Also at Walmart, I got to educate a checkout lady on malt vinegar. If you’re from the East Coast or England or Ireland you know what malt vinegar is for: fish and chips.  The checkout lady had never heard of malt vinegar so I had to explain it.  Having to explain that it goes on fish and chips (and whatever else you want) felt sad and people didn’t know their own history and culture. 

As a kid, I remember fish frys at Church on Fridays during Lent.  Some places probably still have them but I remember them.  Also remember being extremely bored till we could go play out on the playground but still remember our parish hall and all the activities we took part in/were a part of in that hall.  That was the first parish I was ever in, the one I was baptized in and received my first Confession and First Communion.  We then moved but I’ve remember that hall.  Though the playground (the parish also had a school and I went there for K-3) was I remember best, after the awesome climbing tree we had at the first house we lived in in Phoenix.

Have found that Dawn dish soap and baking soda are good for getting pit stains out of shirts.  Really good, especially since my shirts really liked to absorb my deordorant and that sticks around.  Not anymore.  It  probably helped that I’ve been washing many of my clothes in the bathroom sink since I just don’t have quarters for laundry.  Now I’m down to towels, socks and my jeans which will be one load instead of two so I don’t need as many quarters. 

I did finally go to Confession on Sunday and ended up staying for Spanish Mass.  I didn’t quite understand what Father’s homily was about since I don’t know Spanish that well, though I can follow along in the Missal and can understand some words.

So five more weeks of Lent (thereabouts)  I’m glad I didn’t give up sweets.  That just makes Lent even longer. As I’m sure many can attest.



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