Akk…Part Three

I didn’t mean for a third part but there are a few more things I wanted to point out.  And I’ll stop at three parts because trilogies are better and more compact.  Too many sequels hurt the franchise (just look at Police Academy movies or Star Trek TV shows)(*facepalm* I’m so dating myself).

13.Telling people it’s okay to quit/leave the Church and never go back because you’ve been “hurt”
14. Telling Christians not to believe in or follow Jesus all because somebody hurt them
15. Pick on people because they have a lot of money (not just those who gained it illegally and immoraly but those who come by it honestly and work for.  Apparently, it’s okay for “Christians” to have money but not their pastors.)
16. Saying they (bloggers) hold to one position when they really don’t or outright lying about believing/supporting a position when they don’t
17. Just plain out lying about a variety of things
18. Allowing people to play the victim too long or when they weren’t actually the victim
19. Doing nothing to actual change the problems they were protesting against (okay, that’s a bit of a repeat but still very important because I saw a lot of talking and no walking)
20. Hurting the Body of Christ in the Name of the Body of Christ

I want to cover 19 a bit more.  These bloggers would point out all these problems, victims yet would do nothing to change or support change to these problems.  If you have a leak in your roof, you don’t say you have one and then do nothing.  You fix it. 

These bloggers keep pointing out the leaky roof but refuse to fix it.  They say it’s not their problem to fix or that it’s not up to them.  It’s not their roof even though they keep calling it their roof.  They say their only responsibility is to point out the leaky roof, never to fix it.  They love putting their noses in everyone elses business but when they get called on it they hem and haw and refuse to admit to their inviting themselves in where they don’t belong.  And they don’t want to be part of the solution.  That’s Work.  They don’t do work.  They don’t get their hands dirty.

I have seen Christian sites that not only point out the problem but also give a solution.  I’ve posted one to my blog roll (Recovering Grace) that is not just dealing with false and heretical teaching but also reaching out to ATI to effect changes.  They aren’t passive.  They are active.  These bloggers aren’t just victims, they are survivors.  They have learned what was wrong and what happened to them, told their stories, found the problem, and are giving solutions.  They are growing, healing, changing. 

I was reading these blogs and there was no call for change.  Just feeding of the victim mentality and other garbage.  I was hoping for something like Recovering Grace and all I got was diary of a 13 year old girl.  No offense to the girl, that’s just a stage.  But these blogs are run by adults and so should be acting like adults, not whining and moaning and then sitting back and doing nothing.

Oh well, I should stop if only because I have veggies roasting in the oven that are probably done.  And I should not give these stupid blogs any more of my time or mental space.



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