Why I No Longer…Part Two

I hadn’t intended to write a second part, heck I hate reading series in books usually because, the library doesn’t have the complete series, but I forgot a few things in my way too long post yesterday.  Sorry for the wordiness yesterday and possibly today.

Another reason I quit reading those blogs was finding smoke were there wasn’t any fire.  That is, they would find things and blow them out of proportion, implying though usually out right saying that these things were becoming so common place that if you hadn’t seen or heard about it then you had your head in the sand.  These things were happening RIGHT NOW and were so dangerous they needed to be stopped.  And that they were the only ones calling for these things to be stopped so they expected a lot of pushback and even threats for speaking “The Truth™”.

So we have:
#Creating problems that don’t exist or blowing them out of proportion
#Creating a “state of emergency” and creating panic and fear
#Placing themselves (the bloggers) as the only speakers of truth while also creating an environment of “persecution” for speaking such “truth”

And there is more.  (I know, I know, I’m wordy)  Then, part of the finding smoke where there is no fire but it’s a clear day, is making small, unimportant issues major theological points necessary for salvation.  All this AFTER they accuse others of doing the same exact thing and taking them to task for it.

Then there is the favoritism or basically confirmation bias.  As long as you agree with the bloggers, no matter how you treat fellow commenters, you are safe and can get away with murder.  Extra points for agreeing with their theology (which changes constantly; remember those pesky minor major issues) and their allows.

So reasons are:
1. Too much bad behavior and beliefs that were/are trumpeted as “Christian”
2. Little to no fact checking of stories
3. Shouting smoke when there is no fire
4. Creating a false state of emergency
5. Creating/marketing as the only purveyor of truth
6. Lying about being persecuted and/or playing up disagreements and threats as more than they really are
6. Making majors out of the minors or even non-issues
7. Playing favorites to the detriment of good discussion
8. Bad theology and beliefs (beyond just differences between Catholic and Protestant and even Protestant and Protestant)
9. Name calling, bullying, harassment, wishing evil, damning people to hell all for disagreeing
10. Not willing to tow a party line that requires hurting people rather than helping
11. Calling people liars for speaking the truth or saying something in disagreement
12. Where’s Jesus?

I think that’s everything.  I also have determined to check on thus blogs in three months to see if they improve or continue further downhill.  I may, at that time, name those blogs.  I don’t care about them nor really about being attacked.  I just don’t want them getting traffic or have more people sucked into their vortex.



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