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I keep wanting to visit that stupid blog even though I know I shouldn’t.  So far I’ve managed not to for almost three days.  I don’t need to read lies and garbage that will just make me angry.  And posting comments would probably get me banned, not because I was rude or anything but because I didn’t tow their party line.

So no reading stupid blogs. Therefore, I’ve had to write in my paper journal more to work out some anger, some towards the blog and some towards people who refuse to understand Church teaching or think that popularity pressure will change doctrine.  Just stupid stuff.

It’s spring break here in Oregon so of course that means rain.  It’s also the first spring break where I haven’t had to farmsit.  Yes, farmsit as in watch a farm.  It’s nice not being out in the rain and mud dealing with grumpy and wet animals.

Tomorrow, March 26, is an Ember Day for the Archdiocese of Portland.  An Ember Day is a day of fasting and abstinence and prayer set aside, in this case, for the strengthening of family and marriage.  Especially in the world today where families and traditional marriage are under such insidious attack by those that want to make sin, law.  And want those who oppose such sin to celebrate, worship, and embrace that sin instead.  Thankfully, the Catholic Church will not bow to such lies and demands and never will.

I know the Archdiocese also has an Ember Day in June set aside for support of victims of clergy sexual abuse and victims of sexual abuse in general.  Archbishop Emeritus John Vlazny set the day a few years ago.  I won’t know the exact date until closer to it so I’ll post it then.

Not quite three and a half weeks left of Lent.  And those that gave up chocolate are probably regretting that about now. *tongue firmly in cheek*  Don’t worry, next Lent you can give up giving up chocolate. That’ll work better for you. 🙂

Still looking for a job and today I actually looked, which is quite an important part of the process.  So I’ve heard.

Anyway, I work on that stack of books I’ve got.  And figure out the wet ingredients for my blueberry bread.  It was supposed to be orange bread but I defrosted the blueberries and so now need to use them.  Plus, not so keen on orange juice right now let alone orange bread.



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