Anybody Need Money?

British pounds? Euros?  Canadian?

I have coinage in all three.  The first two from when I studied in Belfast and traveled through Europe, okay, The Netherlands and Germany.

I have no idea where the Canadian coins came from because I haven’t been to Canada.  Yet.

British pounds (some serious coins here and I’m not talking about Queen Elizabeth; I counted and came up with at least £11)


Euro cents (€2,54)


Only 27 cents, Canadian


Nice but not very useful to me.  And I’m not a coin collector, so not much use.  At the time I came back from Europe, and may still be this way, you could only change back paper money.  And I know the exchange rate has changed.

In 2002-2003,
$1.60 = £1 or $1.00=£.60 (60 pence). 
$1.02 = €1.

I did like pound coins.  I would totally use dollar coins if we totally switched to those but people still like their paper.  And I largely use my debit card, so I guess it’s irrelevant.



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