One Of Those Days

One I’ve ended up in tears so many times in the last two hours. 

Stupid car.  I had the battery go on me.  I noticed it as I was driving that the windshield wipers were jerking, the radio wasn’t working, and the clock was dying.  I made it to the one auto parts store in town before it completely died.  I had the one gentleman there check it and it was dead.  He was able to charge it but this was after calling my mother to ask for money and then having my card declined because I didn’t have any money in the account. 

So I have the old battery charged enough that I made it home and hope it stays charged enough that I can take it to a mechanic’s.  The gentleman at Auto Zone gave me a name and number of the mechanic he uses which I’ll call tomorrow.  It’s either the battery or alternator but I don’t know which.

I know this isn’t necessarily a big deal, even if it’s a bit expensive.  But when you’re broke and unemployed and suffering from depression, everything just overwhelms.  So I’m in tears.  And hungry but again no money until tomorrow and very little food.  Not that I want to eat because I feel like I need to make what little I have left last as long as possible.  Because I don’t know when I’ll have money again. 

So not a good day today for me.



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