A Bit Better

Day that is.

I ended up taking my car to Les Schwab instead of calling the mechanic the guy gave me.  I like Les Schwab better and I love their service.  Neither the battery or the alternator were really a problem.  Both were doing what they should but I did replace the battery just in case the battery was bad.  The alternator was doing what it was supposed to do so things are working like they should but the lights on the dash that refer to the battery and brakes were on, faintly.

After reading the owner’s manual again, my thinking is something wrong in the electrical system like a blown fuse.  It would explain the lights being on even if there us nothing wrong with the car.  So I do actually have to visit a mechanic but it shouldn’t be an expensive trip.  It’s even something I could replace myself, if I knew how, though it doesn’t seem that complicated.

Hopefully, things will settle down.  No more issues.  They screw me up.

This wasn’t a big issue but when you’re broke and unemployed, well just plain old me, things can be overwhelming.  At least I was able to go grocery shopping, since my parents gave me money. 

I just have to remember to trust my judgment.  The difference in.cost between the parts store and Les Schwab wasn’t all that much and Les Schwab guarantees and warrantee their work.  So should I have any problems with this battery, I just have to go in and they will fix it for free.  I have always had good luck with them.  I’m surprised when other people haven’t but then I wonder how they were acting.  Oh well, not my problem.

So a possible trip to the mechanics tomorrow.  Now I just need a job. And to eat.



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