Definitely the Alternator

After having my car die on me at Walmart and then starting again and then dying when I’m less than a mile from home, I’m definitely convinced it’s the alternator.  So what I should have done Monday I am for sure doing tomorrow. Going to a mechanics.

I’m currently waiting on a tow truck to give me jump to get home.  Tomorrow, I hope my car starts so I can take it to the mechanics before it dies again.  Fun times.  Not.  At least this time I was able to determine a plan of action and so not be so overwhelmed this time.  I’m glad I had the number of a tow truck to call and that they’ll provide reasonably fast service.  So waiting and working on focusing on the humor not the sucky part of the evening.

Oh, did I mention it was doing the typical Oregon spring thing and raining?  Yep, totally fun times.



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