Not Quite Letting Go

While the original title was the title of a song, I changed it because this reflects better about a decision I’ve come to after reflection. I can’t really go into what all was behind this decision, at least the stuff that doesn’t directly involve me and my behavior and thoughts,  but upon reflecting upon interactions … Continue reading Not Quite Letting Go

Girls Are Sex Objects (And You Better Treat Them That Way)

Yes, the title is provocative but it’s also true.  Two, no, three different blog posts I read on WordPress Reader TODAY have mentioned modesty and how girls dress.  Girls not even teens but prepubescent girls. The first post was under the Catholic tag and was about modesty.  Anytime religion or faith enters into a discussion … Continue reading Girls Are Sex Objects (And You Better Treat Them That Way)

I am Wrecked

Between that long post the other day and telling my friend some of that stuff and more today, I am emotionally and mentally wrecked.  My sleep has been messed up which is not fun when I had just started getting back on a schedule.  So I’m wrecked. A bit physically as well. I still have … Continue reading I am Wrecked

Two Hundred

As in this is my 200th blog post.  Go me. And I have had 200 likes.  So go you (everyone who’s read and/or liked my blog). On to the actual post. I did something very scary and I still feel a bit ashamed.  I went to Saint Vincent de Paul and got food.  Which I … Continue reading Two Hundred