Two Hundred

As in this is my 200th blog post.  Go me.

And I have had 200 likes.  So go you (everyone who’s read and/or liked my blog).

On to the actual post.

I did something very scary and I still feel a bit ashamed.  I went to Saint Vincent de Paul and got food.  Which I really needed since I was down to two eggs, a couple of turkey burger patties, and rice.  So I really needed food. As I was, driving home, I was trying so hard not to break into tears.  I felt like I had hit so far down, was such a failure that I didn’t deserve any of that food or any help. I wanted to return it all.  I didn’t and spent most of the drive home telling myself that I will be okay.

That’s been my mantra, my saying:  I will be okay.  Hopefully, if I say it enough I’ll fully believe it.

I did also managed to apply to another job today.  I hope I hear something back soon.

I also did several other things today which makes this a pretty good day for me. 

First, day four of getting up before noon.  Well, I had to go to Saint Vincent de Paul between 9:30 and 11:30  so I had to get up. 

I also picked up a free item. 

I went to the library which was where I was able to use the computers there to apply to that job. 

I verified two gift cards didn’t work and one that which means I have a little grocery money. 

I also got sun. 

And I called my parents for financial help with the credit card bill.

So I’ve been busy today.



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