Dress Coded: An Education on (unnecessary) Sexualization

2 thoughts on “Dress Coded: An Education on (unnecessary) Sexualization”

  1. Um… To tentatively weigh in here (tentatively because I’m a guy and what women and girls wear really shouldn’t be any of my business), this is a really interesting issue. On the one hand I couldn’t agree more with “Girls clothing is not and should not be responsible for boys’ behavior”, but to raise one small point: these are BOYS, not grown men. They’re on the cusp of their own rush of puberty hormones, and still in the process of learning how to deal with them appropriately. Part of that is learning the above, that they can’t externalise the causes of their behaviour and blame somebody else’s clothing for them being little jerks. But there is a learning curve here, and it can be pretty steep. We certainly want to teach “YOU are responsible for your behaviour” but at the same time we realistically have to start at where these teenage and almost-teenage just-hitting-puberty boys are. A little mercy might be in order as we raise them into actual men rather than overgrown juveniles. It’s a difficult balancing act, though, and I’m not sure where, if anywhere, you’d draw the line, seeing as how you’d actually have to know the kids in question. Doesn’t make for good policywriting.

    1. Thank you. You bring up very good points. I had a very good reply to your comment that I just lost but am now going to turn into a post because it’s going to long.

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