Boys and Girls Shouldn’t Be So Modest

3 thoughts on “Boys and Girls Shouldn’t Be So Modest”

  1. I do agree with most of what you wrote, It seems that every thing we do these days is centered around sex that it is influencing even moral institutions…people are now stereotyping their lives around sex and sexual comformities

  2. Wonderful! I support this 110%. By any and all means necessary let’s raise boys and girls to be mature, respectful adult men and women that can distinguish between attraction and lust, who understand that unless there’s a clear “yes”, the answer is “no”, and that maybe aren’t so hung up on looks and body shapes.
    Excellent response, Elizabeth!

    1. Thank you. And thank you for replying and prompting in the first place. We certainly like to talk about the problem but rarely talk about solutions. It’s wonderful to have a discussion with someone who pushed me to think beyond just the problem and say ‘hey what can we actually do about this?’ We are all capable of fighting this problem we just have to make the effort.

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