Finding the Same

Or the shame.

This time though, it’s about how I have emotional and physical reactions like I do with my mother.

I’ve come to realize this one person in my life hits several of the same triggers, even some triggers I didn’t know I had.  But mostly it comes down to after spending even a short time with this person I am exhausted and have a nasty headache that lasts for hours.  And the next day I am wrecked.  Like sleeping for 16 hours wrecked.

I started noticing a while back that after spending time with this person I was getting headaches.  I thought it might be allergies because they have pets but I’ve spent time with other people who have the same pets and haven’t felt this way.  I once again spent time with this person and realized that it was this person that was triggering my headaches. They are just so emotionally exhausting and draining to me that I end up with painful headaches.

There is not much I can do about this but it is interesting to realize how other people affect me emotionally and physically.  At least I have ibuprofen for the headaches. 

I know this person has no idea they are affecting me this way and I don’t plan on telling them.  I can even see how they have affected other people in their life.  Just writing about this person is starting to give me a headache.



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