Two Days Later

And my mental health certainly needs help.  Except with no job or health insurance, that help isn’t going to happen any time soon. 

Yesterday was slightly better.  Hey, got another Good Reads book in the mail (I have three to read and review which will soon be posts here plus more library reads).  I have food stamps so I can eat.

However, I barely got any sleep this morning, maybe an hour, hour and a half.  I gave up and got up instead of trying to force myself to sleep.  I also did some research into that issue I mentioned, okay sin and how to avoid it.  Some good advice, other advice which I won’t take was more propaganda so it was useless.

I did find another job possibility which will be worked on at the library later today.  I also need to post my new library summer reading post (only two more books to read and then the party).  (Okay, I’ve already read the books but I’m pacing myself so I’ll claim them next week.) 

I’ve realized that since I read a lot of books and I mean a lot, I’ve started a separate book blog.  It will include the book posts I’ve made here already, plus any future posts.  The book blog with also contain posts that go into deeper analysis of a particular book and I plan on updating that blog more frequently.  But we’ll see what happens.

I think there will be another separate post dealing with my mental health after doing that research this morning.  The problem and advice I’m not going to get into but the underlying mental states, the bad headspace I will go into.  Just some things I’m figuring out.



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