So I’ve been walking for at least thirty minutes every morning.  Tiring, exhausting, and sore but the views are nice.


Would you believe I had to look up to get these?  Blackberries are a weed, a delicious weed, but still a weed that grows out of control if not aggressively pruned.  So they can get talk as they grow up along side trees.



But still good in zucchini bread.


The mountains in the distance, which really aren’t all that far, are the Coastal Mountains.  (The sidewalk I’m standing in is down lower since it doesn’t run right next to the street but instead runs down lower.  I live in a town that is basically all hills so nothing is really truly flat.  Makes for good exercise but can be a pain for things as well.)



Sunlight on my shoulders makes me happy (Let’s all sing John Denver now)

I didn’t get a photo of the cyclists that were out.  There must have been a bicycle race this morning.  Every so often as I was walking along this main thoroughfare in town there would be groups of cyclists.  Most of them had grey hair, so not your typical riders.  Hey, if they wanted to ride around instead of stopping and smelling the roses, whatever.  (This time of year there are tons of races, meets, competitions, whatever you want to call them.  It’s not raining and the views are nice.  And not too got or cold.)



Type this later, if I remember.

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