Spanking Allows Adults to Achieve Revenge Against Children

Spanking is the adult desire to retaliate against the child’s humiliation and embarassment of him/her.  The decision to spank is always done in anger.  Always.  The actual physical spanking may be done without acknowledged anger but anger completely colors the process from the beginning. Spanking is used not as a means of true discipline but … Continue reading Spanking Allows Adults to Achieve Revenge Against Children

Abuse By Any Other Name

Is still abuse.  Calling it discipline, correction, spanking, etc. is still the hitting of a child.  Adults say they are doing it out of love and they think they are but in the end the adult gets to hit a child without consequence and the child suffers.  The adult says he’s spanking little Jimmy for … Continue reading Abuse By Any Other Name

Things I Shouldn’t Do

1.  Read news articles about health especially anything doing with weight.  I find out I’m considered morbidly obese for my height and weight even though if you look at me you won’t see.  And a friend found out and fat shamed me even though this person is morbidly obese and refuses to do anything about … Continue reading Things I Shouldn’t Do