It’s September?

Already?  Go figure.

It hasn’t been bad for me lately, just odd.  Yesterday was especially odd emotionally since I was either in tears or on the verge or just extremely angry.  And no, hormones were not at fault.  No idea.  At least anger was while I was out onto walk so that probably helped burn a few more calories.

I had this whole long rant that was turning into a tl;dr kind of post but I deleted it instead. Instead I’m going to numerate the highlights.

1. If a book pisses me off, I should stop reading it.  I just finished one that oh so definitely pissed me off (and which I won’t even bother reviewing) that I honestly should have stopped reading.  I rarely pick up a book that I’m not going to finish.  This was one I should have stopped reading about 20 pages.  It didn’t get any better and I just got more posses off.  But once I start a book, I always want to finish because I finish what I start.  But I need to remember that some books just don’t deserve that consideration and I can stop reading that book and it will be okay.

2. The new millennium didn’t start until 2001 and so to call people who graduated before that date is to name them incorrectly.  Yes, I hate getting lumped into the group called Millinnials because I graduated high school in 2000 (and now you know how old I am).  I’m not selfish, or a lousy worker, or narcissistic.  I’m imperfect.  And I hate stupid labels that marketing groups come up with to label a generation of people.

3. Some people who leave fundamentalist Christianity just end up switching from one extreme to another.  Some, not all.  I’ve read, in several blogs, how a person who was raised.fundamentalist, homeschooled, pro-life, knew homosexual acts to be a sin went to the opposite extreme and became atheist, public schooling, abortion supporting, active homosexuals.  They haven’t changed except for the labels they use to call themselves.  In many of these cases, I think these people are just doing everything and believing everything that is opposite of what their parents believed.  They make think they came to these beliefs through study and consideration but they really haven’t.  They disagree with what their parents believe and how their parents raised them but instead of sifting the good from the bad, they throw it all it because they think it’s all bad.  I think these people are very lost and angry and instead of working through the anger and hurt they minute it and give into it and let it run their lived.

4. Just because you can have a blog doesn’t mean you should.  I looked at that blog that I had stopped reading back in March and I’m glad I no longer read it.  I scanned a few posts there and one dealt with criticism of the blog.  Did the blog owners/authors consider the constructive and charitable criticism? No.  They took what the critic said and twisted it so they were made out to be victims instead of listening to an opposite view point.  And the critic made some very valid points but that didn’t matter.  The blog and it’s commentators expect people to tow their party line or they are banned.  The blog authors have become narcissistic divas that refuse to accept any truth but their own. Like I said, I’m glad I no longer read that blog.  Too self serving and narrow minded.

5. Too many Christian/Catholic bloggers buy into conspiracy theories.  I don’t follow a lot of blogs, especially not a lot of Christian/Catholic ones but I can pull up in Reader those blogs tagged with Christian/Catholic.  And a lot have been coming up with conspiracy theories.  I don’t read them but I’ve noticed a general uptick in those kinds of posts.  And one Catholic blog that had been a decent read before now posts the conspiracy stuff so now I don’t read it.  I just don’t get why people but into these lies and then share these lies on their blog.

6. I am tired of chocolate peanut butter chip cookies.  That’s what I’ve been baking lately and tonight I’ve determined that this is my next to last batch.  I still have more peanut butter chips so one more batch.  But since I’m only making a half batch it’s only 18 cookies, it’s okay.

7. I want to read William Shakespeare’s The Empire Striketh Back.  Star Wars as written by Shakespeare that has to be a win, right?



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