Nope, not a Friday Quick Takes.  Just way to use seven.

1. I’m never eating Crazy Bread from Little Caesars again.  Just too plain and tasteless.

2. I lost the strap to my wallet at the library.  I’ll go back tomorrow to see if anyone turned it in but I’m calling it a loss.

3. Another off day.  But I was up before noon, made it to both the library and the post office.

4. Again, some people should not have blogs. 

5.  News writers: Learn to spell and use correct grammar.  I’ve read three different stories/articles where I found incorrect spelling and grammar.  All in the last 24 hours.  Theses stories were written for major news publications so they should have been edited yet these were blatant mistakes.  Yes, my inner grammar teacher is on the rampage.

6. Smoking in front of my apartment window just pisses me off.  I wish these people would finish moving out so better tenants could move in.

7. I now have a copy of William Shakespeare’s Star Wars The Empire Striketh Back Part the Fifth to read.  I love my library.



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