I had wanted to post these seven things yesterday but the previous post preempted that.

1. New mug.


I won this at the bridal shower.  Finally won something.  By the way, what is a tea caddy?  It’s the small box in the mug and it’s shaped like a teapot but it doesn’t look like it will hold anything but a teabag.  Not knocking, just don’t know what it is.

2. I have now been to Newburg and Sherwood, OR.  Having been to neither place before Sunday, I see this as an accomplishment.

3.  If my grandmother were still alive, she would have turned 96 yesterday.  She lived to 90 after surviving two husbands and breast cancer.  She had three kids, seven grandkids (of course I am one), and five great-grandkids at the time she died.

4.  Apparently, summer isn’t over yet here in Oregon.  Upper 80s on the weekends and upper 70s and low 80s during the week.  I want rain.

5.  The obnoxious next door neighbors are moving out.  Finally.  The grandson is still staying, last I heard though if he does I figure I’ll be making more calls to the police.  There are very good reasons for that.  I just want them all to move out.  Druggies, alcoholics, bullies, and all.

6.  Still working on the naughty Droids.  Yes, still reading The Empire Striketh Back.  It would be hilarious to see this performed as a play.

7.  It’s interesting to read book reviews on Good Reads, then read the book, and not see what the negative reviewers are griping about.  Sometimes, I think some readers expect too much from a book and are glad to be disappointed when it falls to meet their expectations. Or they refuse to give the story a chance.  Maybe I just expect books to be books and it’s dependent on me to find the good and bad instead of the book making that decision for me.



Type this later, if I remember.

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