Friday the 12th

Almost half way through September.

1. Yay, next door neighbors are completely gone.  I hope the next tenants are better.

2.  It might be September but we’re supposed to be in the 90s the next three days.  I want rain.

3.  The naughty droids are back to the library.  That was an excellent read and now I know the plot of The Empire Strikes Striketh Back.  Yoda in haiku, what more needs to be said?

4.  After all the mental stress she has caused me lately, I am banning myself from thinking about my friend for the next three days.

5.  The ability to request books on my to read shelf on Good Reads through interlibrary loan is awesome.  I’ve requested five so far and will be working my way down my list.  If I can’t find the author or book in the library catalogue, then it gets deleted.  I not only get books from my local library but all the libraries in the county.  A very, very awesome thing.  I can even check out e-books if I want.  That might be awhile.

6.  Since I can’t go for my walk today (my workout clothes had to,be washed and are now drying), I ended up cleaning up,my apartment a bit.  Went through receipts, threw dirty socks in the laundry, put items away.  So things look a bit neater.

7.  Don’t know what to put for seven.



Type this later, if I remember.

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