Things I Shouldn’t Do

1.  Read news articles about health especially anything doing with weight.  I find out I’m considered morbidly obese for my height and weight even though if you look at me you won’t see.  And a friend found out and fat shamed me even though this person is morbidly obese and refuses to do anything about it.  My mother fat shamed me for most of,my life.  I’m still learning to like my body. Besides, I’m actually pretty health, just need to lose a few pounds which will happen eventually.

2.  Not go for my walk for three days.  I’m a little more sore than normal but overall I should be walling as much as possible.  I need the exercise.

3.  Tell myself not to do something and end up doing it anyway.  So I was not to think about the friend I’m having issues with.  What do I do?  Daydream where she’s absolutely horrible to me.  Yeah, very dumb and all I do is end up more angry.

4.  Read stupid blogs especially certain Christian and Catholic ones because they just make me angry.  They keep spouting off garbage that is NOT Church teaching and best people over the head for not conforming to their demands.

5.  Engage in negative self talk.  I’m pretty good at putting myself down.  I’ve had years of practice.  And I still end up with people in my life who continue to put me down and shame me.

6.  Not let myself be touched or hugged when I don’t want to be touched or hugged.  Body language doesn’t seem to work with my friend and telling her won’t do any good if she refuses to read body language.



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