Abuse By Any Other Name

Is still abuse.  Calling it discipline, correction, spanking, etc. is still the hitting of a child.  Adults say they are doing it out of love and they think they are but in the end the adult gets to hit a child without consequence and the child suffers.  The adult says he’s spanking little Jimmy for hitting little Johnny but the adult is hitting Jimmy because Jimmy can’t hit back.

Little Jimmy can’t hit back.

Read that again.

Little Jimmy can’t hit back.  Dad or Mom can hit Jimmy all they want and Jimmy can’t defend.himself.  He’s a child.  He’s not a person, not an adult.  Hitting an adult might mean Mom or Dad getting hit back. They might get caught and charged with a crime.

A child just has to take it. 

Apparently, it’s wrong to hit a woman; it’s okay to hit a child as long as you don’t leave marks or get caught.  This is a stupid fucking double standard.

Too many Christians think hitting a child is acceptable as long as it’s called “spanking” or “discipline” and it’s done out of love.  And back it up with Old Testament verses.  But it’s still hitting a child, just now done in the name of Jesus. 

When will people learn hitting a child, even hitting a child in the name of Jesus, is wrong.  Parents are to protect their children, not hurt them so as to make the parents feel better.

Too many parents believe that they have free reign to terrorize, harass, threaten, coerce, manipulate, hit their own children as long as they don’t get caught and that everyone else is doing it. 

When did become acceptable to hit children and to not hit adults?

When did it become acceptable to use Jesus and the Bible as your pathetic excuse to abuse your children?

When did it become acceptable to say it’s okay to hit your kids but not okay to rape them?

When did it become acceptable to say that the abuse you suffered at the hands of your parents was acceptable and that you even deserved it?

When did it become acceptable to support abusers as long as they are celebrities or have money or know the right people?

When did it become acceptable to think of children as worthy of abuse and unworthy of respect?

When did it become acceptable to consider children as not real people?

When did become acceptable to blame victims instead of the abuser’s?

When did it become acceptable to throw away children in the name of money?



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