Blast From The Past: Music

I had started this post after another post but stepped away. This post is about musicians/singers/groups from my childhood, junior high, and high school years.

John Denver

Yes, I like John Denver.  My mother would put on one of his records and clean in the first house we lived in.  My mother may be a jerk but I loved listening to John Denver.

Peter, Paul, and Mary

Yes, they might have been hippies but they were awesome.  I point my finger at my dad for turning me on to them.  “Puff the Magic Dragon” is still one of my favorites no matter if too many idiots think it’s a song about drugs.

Celine Dion

Yes, I like Celine.  Junior high and high school years held many of her hits.  I could sing along with her on the radio and hit all the same notes.

Michael Bolton

Last I heard of him was a song for Disney’s “Hercules” soundtrack but he was big for me as a kid and in junior high.

Bryan Adams

Big in the 90s but haven’t heard him since.  I learned to waltz to one of his songs.  Weird, I know but it was German Night.  I was in college, minoring in German, and you had to attend so many German Nights during the semester as part of the class requirements.  One happened to involve learning to waltz.  Strudel night was tastier.  And I still have the recipe for it.

Billy Joel

I used his song “River of Dreams” for a talk on a retreat.  Liked that song, don’t remember much of his other music.

Phil Collins

I love his song “In the Air Tonight”.That’s my favorite of his.  I love other songs of his but that one is still awesome even though it’s the same age as my youngest sister.


She was big when I was in high school.  I liked her lyrics.

Alanis Morrisette, Natalie Merchant, Paula Cole

I loved many of their songs in junior high and high school.  A lot of them hit home for me, lyric wise.  Again, a lot of their music, the lyrics were very meaningful to me.

Shawn Colvin
Meredith Brooks
Natalie Imbruglia

Two one hit wonders for me.

Jewel, Alanis, Natalie, Paula, Natalie, Shawn, and Meredith were all major and powerful singers/songwriters for me growing up, especially since they were woman.  Their music was empowering to me especially since a lot of what I heard was some pathetic girl chasing after some man.  These woman didn’t really write songs like that.  They were different.

Matchbox 20

Catchy music, excellent lyrics.  Even Rob going solo for a while didn’t lessen my favor.

Blessed Union of Souls

A one or two hits back in the 90s.  One of my first CDs.  Some Christian group did a cover of their song “I Believe” and changed the lyrics and added words.  That was wrong.


Kind of in the same category as Phil Collins though different songs.  Just loved his music as a kid.



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