Not The Day I was Hoping For

After having to deal with a cantankerous digestive system at 4 am, I decided that I was still going to 11:30 Mass.  My alarm went off, my digestive system was still grumpy and put off going to Mass to 5:30.  All of this was prejudiced on the state of my digestive system (d.s.) which has been crankier than normal lately.  Got up around 3 and pretty much decided I wasn’t going to Mass.  D.S. was still a bit grumpy but I didn’t want to be rushing for the bathroom that wasn’t at home if I didn’t have to.

So I feel bad about missing Mass.  Could I still have gone even with my cranky d.s.?  Probably, but I didn’t.  Especially in light of the Gospel reading for the day: two songs who said one thing and did another.  I feel like I was the second son who said I was going to Mass but then didn’t go.  In the past, I’ve gone to Mass feeling far worse and even very sick.  I understand it’s okay  to miss if you’re sick but where’s the line?  Upset stomach and digestive system issues don’t seem like a good reason to miss. 

At this point, I don’t think it was a good enough reason to miss.  Like I said, I’ve gone to Mass sicker and even to work in much worse conditions.  Our society sees sickness as a character weakness that just needs to be gotten over or even outright ignored unless it’s very certain conditions.   Many Catholics think and believe the same way, especially if it involves others.

Since I’m going to Confession next weekend anyway, I’ll just confess it.  Better to consider it a sin than find a lame excuse.  Mercy is for other people anyways, not for me.

(And I now know what caused the upset.  Two different issues that just ended up colliding at the same time.)



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