Banning Myself From Certain Topics

After the last few posts, I am going to be banning myself from posting about spanking, my own abuse history, and my mental health for a while.  Those last few posts have messed with my head and I need time and space from them.  While not major triggers, they are triggers. 

Besides, I have a major project to work on (cookbook), books to read, and a job to find. Negative thoughts and harping on the negative and dwelling is a waste of my time. 

And with it getting darker earlier and longer and me without medication, I don’t want to trigger an episode of my depression.  I am now going on ten months with medication.  I think the walks I have been taking have helped.  But yeah, no negativity.  It screws me up.  Right now I want to punish myself really bad and intellectually I know I shouldn’t but emotionally, punishment will make things right.  Put things back in order.



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