Breaking News: Catholic Church Welcomes Sinners


Following the controversies among Catholics Monday, the Catholic Church has reiterated its position on being a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints. 

Apparently, the Catholic Church has been open to sinners for its entire two thousand plus year history.  Jesus started the whole messy business of meeting with actual sinners while he walked on the earth.  He even selected twelve to be his inner circle, so to speak.  He also ate with sinners, talked with them, and most astonishing of all, forgave them their sins. 

He didn’t tell people to come and follow him only AFTER they had become perfect and sinless and could recite all the rules.  No, he met them while they were still in their sins.  And they had faith and he forgave them and told them to go and sin no more.  Jesus said his yoke was easy and his burden light.  He was nothing like the Pharisees who placed heavy burdens and were more concerned with the letter of the law. 

The Catholic Church has continued this message of repentance and forgiveness for the last two thousand years along with mercy and love.  These things are strange in the modern world, which considers love to only be about sex, repentance to be outdated, and mercy to a shallower form of kindness.  And with forgiveness to be entirely conditional on what the world through society and the media want or at least in vogue.

Jesus is not outdated.  Neither are mercy, compassion, forgiveness, love, or faith.  The Catholic Church, Holy Mother Church, will continue to teach her children the unchangeable truths that have been entrusted to her Jesus and the Holy Spirit protecting her from sin and error.  She is unchangeable but she is also loving and forgiving and merciful.



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