A Not So Good Friday

It’s not bad but after sleeping most of the day before getting, it wasn’t off to a great start.  I do have chocolate cheesecake which is currently what I’m holding in to as a good thing.

1. Received a notice in the mail today saying that Inn in danger of losing my license if I don’t file an accident report from nearly three years ago.  Three years ago and provide proof that I had insurance then.  This doesn’t freak me out.  I just have to find the original accident report and fill out a form and also provide proof.  The insurance company was very helpful.  That’s a point itself.

The problem lie in going through my files (haven’t found the report yet but I will, if I didn’t recycle it) and coming across one of my evals from when I was with evil security company.  It was my second one and I could see where I was already running afoul of supervisors and managers.  I know I can be rigid about some things, and they made a big deal of sticking to schedules except when it came to their pet projects, but that rigidity keeps me safe.  I’m not going to change my plans in a done just because you realize a,pet project of yours needs finishing by tomorrow.  Poor planning on your part is not my emergency.  I dealt with that a lot especially since I made myself a doormat and key myself be walked over.  So now I’m on the verge of tears over garbage that happened years ago and a place I no longer work at.  I really should burn those evals.

2. Car insurance company rep I talked to was awesome.  She is sending me the info I need and will call back next Friday to check to see if I got it.  Awesome customer service.  I appreciate it.

3. I broke down and started wearing slippers around my apartment.  It’s cold.  Though I forgot to put them on when I got home and so now my feet are cold.

4. Apple Cider Beef Stew is awesome.  I need to tweak the recipe a little but it came out awesome.

5. I have chocolate cheesecake slices.  Different kinds.  Walmart bakery is good for this kind of thing.

6. I did find something I was looking for in my files.  So there is that.  Something useful especially in identifying negative thinking.

7. Chocolate cheesecake.  Enough said.


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