Largely what my day was. 1. I was up before noon. Huge deal though now I’m tired. 2. I saw a double rainbow.  However, there is no gold at the end, only Lucky Charms cereal (the leprechauns like the marshmallows). 3. I got to see two friends I hasn’t seen in over a year and … Continue reading Awesome

Stepping Out

I finally went for a walk, again.  I hadn’t walked since the end of September.  But today after looking outside and then opening my front door to see if anything was taped to it, it felt nice so I decided to go for a walk.  Twenty minute walk which was good.  But I needed it … Continue reading Stepping Out


I am safe. I am okay. My boundaries are good for me. Shit belongs down the toilet and only down the toilet. No is a full and complete sentence. My world does not and will not revolve around you. Respect is not a four letter word. I am entitled to make my own decisions. God … Continue reading Important

Why Yes…

I am fat. There.  I said it.  I’ve admitted what everyone else has seen. What everyone else has said is the worst thing about me.  About how ugly and stupid I am for being fat.  How everyone has judged me and found me worthless. Why am I fat?  I am not a pig.  I don’t … Continue reading Why Yes…


A color.  The color of depression for some.  I tend toward black or no color at all. I spent last week in the worst depression yet.  I was so numb, so lifeless that I could barely eat.  It’s never been that bad for me.  This past week was until Saturday night/Sunday morning when I could … Continue reading Blue