A Letter To The Stupid Student Loan Company

Dear Idiots,

First, changing your company name smacks of rebranding and criminal activities.  Your customer service still sucks however.

Apparently reading comprehension is not a skill you require in your list of skills.  I just made a payment last week and should not have received any calls for another week, which would be tomorrow.  Instead, you have called me everyday since then.  And when I asked you which loan this was about (I have private and federal loans that you have futzed with), it was like pulling teeth to get any information.  I had to tell you and do your job for you.  And the tone of voice full of boredom except when you switched to demand a payment I couldn’t make didn’t impress me at all.  I was rolling my eyes at your for how lousy you were and how unprofessional you sounded. 

And I was just ticked at having to deal with you and your harassing phone calls.  So I hate you.  I honestly was about to ask for a manager to complain about you.  I may do that next time.  Actually, I will.  I’m tired of your harassment, rude service associates, and money grabbing.

I hate you


So I’ve been receiving phone calls from the stupid student loan company and I swear they can’t read.  I know they make notes but they don’t bother to read them before the call or even during.  They just spew out the required payment and expect you to pony up right then and there.  Unemployment, no money, can’t pay, to them there is no valid reason to not pay.  All they care about is the money. 



Type this later, if I remember.

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