They say it creeps in on little cat feet
It’s more like one moment it’s not there, a quick glance away, and then it’s there when you look back.
It is quiet, no creeping up creaky stairs or down the stairway from heaven trying to avoid that one step that will wake mom and dad.

No pretensions. 
No warnings.

Fog smells like Cloud was asked what Ground smelled like but had to use only water words and Ground was asked what Cloud smelled like but only using ground words and someone smudged the two descriptions together.

Fog hides houses, trees, cars, sky like a child playing hide and seek.  It’s all wrapped in grey cotton like a mother wrapping up a child in a blanket to keep her warm. 

Fog just is.  It isn’t scary.  It protects.  Keeps silent.  Doesn’t worry.  Doesn’t hurt.  Calm, soothing, just drifting down, a cloud getting out of the rat race.



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