A Day Later

So here it is, nearly 24 hours later.  I didn’t get to Mass at all last night.  It was about 6 before my crying stopped enough and I knew that going to the last half of Mass wouldn’t cut it.  And I was still crying and had run out of tissues.  So I left and went to the grocery store.  Sat in the parking lot there for about 10-15 minutes before I went in.  Did a little grocery shopping but was still working hard to keep the tears in.  Head still hurt but couldn’t take anything since I had drunk all my water I had with me.  Went home.

I went to bed early hoping to catch up on sleep.  That didn’t work.  So,my sleep schedule is messed up again and I’m still on the verge of tears.

I still have no idea what triggered the crying but at least I didn’t have a panic attack. 

I am, however, giving myself permission to take it easy this Lent.  I’ll be following Church rules for fasting and abstinence, as usual. 

I’m not going completely meat free like I usually do.  I will get to eat meat Sun. – Tues. while the rest of the week is vegetarian.  I figured that would be a good compromise.  And next week will be completely meat free but only because Ash Wednesday and Friday are so close so I figured it would be easier to go the whole week instead of worrying which day it was.  I also plan on adding something, some sort of reading or prayer.  I want to start something I can continue after Lent.



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