Quiverfull is Dangerous

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  1. Good post. I’m familiar with Recovering Grace (my wife came out of Gothard’s heretical teachings), though less so with this dangerous Quiverfull nonsense. Forewarned is forearmed, though I hope that even without a warning I’d be able to see the movement for what it is.
    Thanks for writing this.

    1. You are welcome. This actually came out of a comment discussion on my about page last week. And then last night I had to explain it to a Wal-mart cashier after a previous customer in front of me remarked on the Suffer story that was on the cover of some magazine. The cashier had never heard of Quiverfull so I gave her a brief explanation. I realized that unless you’ve been involved in it or read blogs by people who have been in it, people have no idea. Mostly because it’s so fringe but also it gets dressed up in prolife rhetoric so nobody sees the real danger. The Duggars are a huge reason that it’s at least being talked about in some circles. But they are also the reason that it has become more popular but coached in prolife language.

      The Duggars are (though I’m not sure how accurate it is now) followers of Gothard. They advocated a lot of his teachings. I heard that he was big on large families.

      The thing is Quiverfull, homeschooling, purity culture, courtship, Christian reconstructionism (I think that’s the name), Gothardism, Vision Forum, spanking, fundamentalism, etc. are all tied up together. They overlap and feed off each other.

      The problem I have and what promoted me, was that a lot of these ideas were seeping to Catholicism and getting painted with a Catholic veneer. I have read many Catholics praise Michele Duggar for having that many children. They ignore the fact that she only cares for the baby for the first six months of life before handing it off to a daughter to raise. So a teenage daughter becomes a mother to her own sibling. Michele likes being pregnant because of the status it gives her rather than understanding the fact that she has to truly care and minute these children she gives birth to. To her, these babies are toys to be played with and when she gets bored she throws them away to a daughter to raise.

      That’s actually something I didn’t put in my post. Older children, especially girls, are expected to help raise younger children. In many cases, the eldest daughter becomes a mother to her younger siblings, especially if the mother is constantly pregnant.

      Well, I’m getting wordy. Hope you learned some more and I didn’t overload your brain. I think I need to write another post about this.

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