Quiverfull and Fatherhood

Part Four (Warning: Graphic images) Quiverfull is largely centered on women and babies, with a heavy emphasis on babies.  Men are largely breadwinners, provide half the genetic material, and the main discipliners.  Men are expected to fulfill specific roles.  Nurturing and hands on parenting for fathers is discouraged in Quiverfull, except for corporal punishment. Quiverfull … Continue reading Quiverfull and Fatherhood

God is not a Possession

“Francis was a mystic, but not a full-time hermit. For him, God was not some kind of prized possession that was to be hoarded and kept from everyone else. Instead, Francis saw the grace of God as a beautiful, previous gift that God intended to be shared with the whole world.” (emphasis added) -Talbot, John … Continue reading God is not a Possession

A Note on Comments

Due to the rather rude nature of some of the comments I have received, I am currently leaving all comments in moderation.  I will not be approving any comments for the foreseeable future. I am still determining if I want to disallow comments all together. Thank you. Continue reading A Note on Comments