Survey Says…

A. Very
B. Somewhat
C. Not to
D. Not at all

Those were some of the options the phone survey I did this evening.  I saw the call and thought it was stupid loan company or the credit card company.  It wasn’t.  I got to do a survey.  While I’m not restricted from talking about what the survey questions were about, I just don’t care to. 

I will mention that as I a being asked these questions I was thinking these questions were way too wordy and that I could figure out the slant by the way the questions were worded.  You can word questions in such a way so that you get the answers you want.  That’s my anthropologist self shining through.  I know the tricks though I’ve never used or designed a survey in my studies. But I know how to design surveys and how to read them.

And I realized that I’m fairly well versed in current events even though I read the news very little and never watch it (but then my TV hasn’t worked in two years so watching anything is a bit problematic). 

In other news, my depression is still here.  I went to the library Monday evening to return a few books and pick up ones I had requested.  One of the librarians is becoming a friend so I chatted with her for a few minutes before checking out my books and then walking home.  I got home and all I wanted to do is cry.  Just a trip to the library.  Nothing major.  But tears. There were many times this week when I was either on the verge of tears or all out crying.

My sleep schedule has also been messed up though I hope now it should be on track again. At least I should be getting up before noon.

So far this Lent I’ve managed the whole not eating meat  Wednesday through Friday.  I’ve been working on adding but this week was a loss largely due to the depression and sleep issues.  At least I’ve been working on reading the daily readings.  I was trying to add at least one of the hours from the Liturgy of the Hours but only lasted a few days.  I also planned on attending Mass and Stations of the Cross on Fridays but so far haven’t managed or didn’t even think about it until three hours after the fact. 

I have gone to a different Mass each weekend.  Tomorrow, well, today now, I plan on going to Confession and then staying for 5:30 Mass.  We’ll see how that goes.

I’ve been reading up on introversion, being an introvert myself, and realized another major reason why I was so burned out those last few months working for evil security company.  I was expected to act as an extrovert all the time and was surrounded by a lot of major extroverts.  I was hit so mentally and emotionally exhausted by all this and didn’t know it.  All the garbage, harassment, and bullying didn’t help either. So while I was good at security, it was a terrible fit for me introversion wise.  I was overwhelmed and being so exhausted I didn’t know it.  I’m so glad I’m out of there.

It is Spring here.  We’ve barely had rain and so little snow this winter.  We’ve been pretty mild.  I suspect this summer is going to be not very fun.  And we’re going to have water issues due to the lack of snow.



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