There Was An Interview

I went to the interview Tuesday.  I got lost and ended up 40 minutes later than I intended.  The interview itself was pretty short, maybe 15-20 minutes total.  It wasn’t a great interview but it was okay.  And I have no desire to take the job if offered.  It’s not a bad job.  I just don’t think I would be a good fit. 

All the driving around wore me out and I was slightly upset at being late and lost.  I also need to get another pair of dress shoes, ones the won’t punch my toes and leave bruised and cuts.

It has also warmed up enough that I no longer need the heat on in my apartment. I’ve turned it off.  This is the earliest I’ve turned the heat off. 

Back to looking for more jobs to apply to.  I will get a job soon. It just takes time and effort.



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