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Dad Delivers Perfect Response to Kindergarten Dress-Shaming His Little Girl: Read His Viral Letter

Remember, it’s always the girl’s fault.   Dress shaming a child all in the name of purity and modesty.  Being female apparently gives license to men and authorities to hurt us ladies and excuse it under the excuse of “protection.”  I call BS. (I get the reason for dress codes but a five year old child isn’t capable of dressing for sexual reasons.  But this is ridiculous.)
Move over, Kindergarten Cop! A Houston dad, Jef Rouner, called out his 5-year-old daughter’s school district after her kindergarten class shamed the little girl for wearing a spaghetti-strap dress. “I’m not surprised to see the dress code shaming come into my house,” Rouner wrote.


Running on Whines

In which I confess that I can still whine like a four year old but no one is around to call me on it but me.

And yes, I do call out myself for whining.  It usually happens when I’m listing out loud that I’m cold and tired and hungry and therefore whining.  Which makes me giggle.  A few weeks ago I had been listing off all those things and realized I was indeed whining.  So I called myself on it.  Do I still whine? Yeah, but I don’t take myself seriously.  But it is funny, at least to me.

So today was a pretty decent day.  Applied to another job.  Did not pick up more books to read though I did request a few news ones. 

Went and got the free item I had a coupon for but then went shopping which was kind of necessary and had another coupon so it wasn’t too costly.  Draining because I hate to shop.  Thankfully there weren’t that many people in the store but it was taxing.  And why I’m more tired.  (I only got four hours of sleep.)

Got pizza and realize I am at that point in life where pizza is just not something I want to eat anymore. 

Oh, and did another phone survey.  Third one in two months.

Bad Pun Warning

What do you call a pile of cats?

A meowtain.

Told you it was bad.

Between the Black and White

In which having run into the Angry God crowd again, I remind myself that they are not ones I should listen to.  Not at all.

It’s been interesting these past two weeks.  The Gospel readings on Sunday that is.  The Second Sunday of Easter dealt with a doubting Thomas and the Third Sunday with eleven apostles who had to see the risen Jesus eat fish to finally get it. 

What has stood out to me in both cases is that Jesus is rather patient and even gentle with Thomas and the Apostles. Jesus met Thomas at his doubts and showed him why they were pointless.  And while Jesus chided him a little for having to touch him to believe, Jesus provided Thomas exactly what he needed.  Jesus showed up because Thomas asked him to.  Jesus didn’t hide himself or berate Thomas. He didn’t demand Thomas believe just because Jesus said so.  Jesus showed Thomas his wounds. He acknowledged Thomas’ doubts and met them to banish them completely.  Jesus didn’t force Thomas to do anything, believe anything.  Jesus did not deny Thomas after Thomas asked to see and touch the wounds.  He showed himself to Thomas.  Jesus respected Thomas’ doubts, met them face on, and them banished them.  All patiently and with love.

Jesus does the same with the Apostles.  He talks to them but knows they doubt.  So he, probably a little amused, asks for food even though they’ve been together for three years.  Jesus eats and they finally get it.  Again, Jesus doesn’t demand or force or berate.  He is patient and helps them get it.

So Jesus, even with the Apostles he chose himself and knew very well, he was patient and understanding of their doubts.  No Angry God out to punish people for even breathing wrong.  Could Jesus be forceful? Certainly but he was never a tyrant or a dictator. And more firm than force.  He spoke with meaning and purpose.  Jesus did not use words carelessly.

Jesus came along side people and met them where they were at.  He didn’t demand. He asked.  He could also be asked.  Prayer is that asking.

In running into the Angry God crowd, I realize many of them want to play God not love like God.  They want to make rules and set impossible standards.  They want people to fail so that they can say they are better than those people.  They don’t allow God to be merciful because they are not merciful.  They condemn people for even the littlest thing and expect that person to make themselves perfect before they can come crawling back on hands and knees to Jesus and ask for forgiveness.  They don’t want Jesus to forgive them because they wouldn’t forgive.

Thankfully, those in the Angry God crowd do not speak for the Church.  I do not have to listen to them.  They may say they are Catholic but their words and actions don’t show that they believe in or know Jesus very well. Or at all.  They are too interested in promoting their interpretation and application of Catholic beliefs instead of listening to and obeying Holy Mother Church.  No mercy, love or forgiveness, just pain and endless suffering.  A dictatorship not the Kingdom of God.

I think I’ll take mercy, love, and forgiveness.  And, oh yeah, Jesus.


Because none of that would work without him.

Factory Reset

When technical difficulties attack…or how I had to erase everything (well, almost) and start over.

Smartphone decided to be stupid.  It didn’t defeat me.  Something happened to the operating system so that it kept going through the start up process, if that, but not all the way through.  Or kept pulsing and setting off the camera flash.  Not even taking out the battery helped.  I made the decision after having to be annoyed by this for the third time in two days but this time lasting over an hour, to do a factory reset.  I had thought about it Thursday when it first happened and saved my photos via email but early this morning I went through with it.

I didn’t lose my photos but I did lose a number of contacts and some other files but they don’t matter.  I only have two I want back.  One I can look up and the other I have to get ahold of somebody who can talk to this person.  Other than that, even though I was stupidly in tears over dealing with the stupid issue, I didn’t lose much and it didn’t take long to re-download the apps I had. 

It’s interesting how much info I had saved on my phone and how much importance I place on it.  Though I was at least more worried at being unable to make calls, I’ve fallen into the same habit as many other people who use their phone for just about everything.  And I didn’t want to have to replace.  I want this phone to last me at least another 3-5 years.  I really want my moneys worth out of this phone. 

I should possess the phone, not the phone possess me. Hopefully, when I turn it off for Mass in the morning, turning it back on won’t result in the headaches I’ve already had with it.

After the Research

So after doing the research for that job interview, I realized that the job just wasn’t for me.  It was a sales job and I hate sales.  So I withdrew from the job interview. 

Just because I want and need a job doesn’t mean I should just take any job, especially one that I have problems with and does not match my values.  While it would have been a job, I know my anxiety would have been through the roof and I didn’t need that.  So yes, back to the job search.  But that’s okay.  I need to be true to me not someone else’s bottom line and lust for money.

I Don’t Get It

This may have been my last Easter Vigil.  And it has nothing to do with faith but everything to do with anxiety and the ill manners of others.

Saturday started out okay if a little early due to only getting three hours of sleep.  I did get a nap which helped.  I got ready for Mass early and then I started getting that nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. 

Now I also have to add I have a phone interview Wed and while I’m worried about it, I know it’s something I can handle.  I’ve done a phone interview before.

So I’m feeling nervous, enough that I’m seriously considering not going to Easter Vigil.  I decide to still go and decide to work out my anxiety by writing it out in my paper journal.  You know, figure out what’s really causing me to be nervous.  I write for a bit and I keep telling myself that I’m okay.

Then it’s time for me to leave.  I’ve just locked my front door when.I turn around to head down the stairs when the new neighbor starts talking to me.  Asks me if I’m his neighbor (thought that was obvious with me coming out the door next to yours) then asks me about my car (now I’m concerned that he’s damaged it in someway which will piss me off) only to tell me that my passenger side tires are low. Which would not have been a problem but it was the time and the way he said it as if he had to lower himself to tell me something so blatantly obvious that a dead dog could understand it.  And he keeps it up until I’m nearly in my car, after I told him I know and I can’t afford to fix things right now. 

So now I’m upset and pissed off and have to spend several minutes talking myself down and telling myself to just ignore the jerk.  (Side note: These neighbors are no better than last ones that had been in that apartment. These just don’t have the high level of traffic coming through.  The screaming and door slamming are the same.)

I get to church and while some people are outside many more are already inside.  Lots of kids running around with parents not supervising.  So I decide not to stand outside near the fire and to be inside.  But even though I’m early, I’m stuck in the back.  I finally manage to get a candle.  And I’m glad Wannabe Fundycath isn’t there.  I didn’t not want to deal with her.

Mass starts.  People are still coming in late.  I won’t even get into the lectors (the English ones; the Spanish ones were okay).  We get to Father’s homily.  Mass started at 8:30 and now it’s nearly 9:30.  People are still walking in.  A family sits down behind me and the parents start talking and laughing loudly.  I do my best to ignore it.  On top of that are the kids of the family at the other end of the pew I’m sitting in keeping leaving out my end of the pew.  Two girls and a boy, in and out, in and out.  Then a father and daughter show up and sit in the middle of the pew between me and that family of hyper kids.  The father just sits there while the girl is all over the place.  There is also the boy in shorts and a big puffy jacket that keeps walking up and down the aisle.

Then we get to the baptisms.  The adults behind me are laughing it up.  The kids in my pew are in and out.  I’ve got an upset stomach that I’m hoping won’t get worse.  The sound system keeps screeching feedback.  That kid keeps walking up and down the aisle.  The kids in the narthex keep screaming and laughing.  People are still coming in.  Baptism number four hundred is going on. (Actually,  I think there were only about twenty baptisms but those to be baptized were so slow to walk forward.  Baptisms took an hour alone. Then there were five-seven others being received onto the Church.)

I’m ready to bolt and just go home.  I actually got so fed up with the people laughing behind me that I turned around and asked her to be quiet because it was Mass.  I felt bad because I normally just ignore things but it was just such bad manners.  The laughing stopped or at least got quiet but they still kept talking though not as loudly.

I don’t get why people come to Mass severely late. Or show up only to talk and laugh like they were at home.  Or show up to Mass only once a year.  Or wait so long for their kids to get baptized (when the youngest is in second grade) and the family won’t likely darken the doorstep of a Catholic parish until they want to get married.  Or late their kids run wild. 

Easter Vigil ended up three hours.  Normally that’s not a problem.  This one was so bad I felt like I wasn’t at Mass at all.  I like Easter Vigil if it’s done right.  But this one was just too much.  Too many people, no manners, too much nice, no reverence.  Next year I think I’ll just go to Easter Sunday.  Wait a few years before trying Easter Vigil again.

And this is all still bothering me even though it’s nearly 2 am Monday morning.

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Have a blessed Easter everyone.


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