Factory Reset

When technical difficulties attack…or how I had to erase everything (well, almost) and start over.

Smartphone decided to be stupid.  It didn’t defeat me.  Something happened to the operating system so that it kept going through the start up process, if that, but not all the way through.  Or kept pulsing and setting off the camera flash.  Not even taking out the battery helped.  I made the decision after having to be annoyed by this for the third time in two days but this time lasting over an hour, to do a factory reset.  I had thought about it Thursday when it first happened and saved my photos via email but early this morning I went through with it.

I didn’t lose my photos but I did lose a number of contacts and some other files but they don’t matter.  I only have two I want back.  One I can look up and the other I have to get ahold of somebody who can talk to this person.  Other than that, even though I was stupidly in tears over dealing with the stupid issue, I didn’t lose much and it didn’t take long to re-download the apps I had. 

It’s interesting how much info I had saved on my phone and how much importance I place on it.  Though I was at least more worried at being unable to make calls, I’ve fallen into the same habit as many other people who use their phone for just about everything.  And I didn’t want to have to replace.  I want this phone to last me at least another 3-5 years.  I really want my moneys worth out of this phone. 

I should possess the phone, not the phone possess me. Hopefully, when I turn it off for Mass in the morning, turning it back on won’t result in the headaches I’ve already had with it.



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