Running on Whines

In which I confess that I can still whine like a four year old but no one is around to call me on it but me.

And yes, I do call out myself for whining.  It usually happens when I’m listing out loud that I’m cold and tired and hungry and therefore whining.  Which makes me giggle.  A few weeks ago I had been listing off all those things and realized I was indeed whining.  So I called myself on it.  Do I still whine? Yeah, but I don’t take myself seriously.  But it is funny, at least to me.

So today was a pretty decent day.  Applied to another job.  Did not pick up more books to read though I did request a few news ones. 

Went and got the free item I had a coupon for but then went shopping which was kind of necessary and had another coupon so it wasn’t too costly.  Draining because I hate to shop.  Thankfully there weren’t that many people in the store but it was taxing.  And why I’m more tired.  (I only got four hours of sleep.)

Got pizza and realize I am at that point in life where pizza is just not something I want to eat anymore. 

Oh, and did another phone survey.  Third one in two months.

Bad Pun Warning

What do you call a pile of cats?

A meowtain.

Told you it was bad.



Type this later, if I remember.

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