The Club of The Angry God Club

In which out that the Angry god crowd follow a man made ideology rather than accurate theology.  This is especially true for Traditionalists and their rule list.

I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit lately and with a post by a blogger friend pointing out how many Traditionalists may be pro-life but are pretty willing and able to support killing and murder of everyone else especially of those who don’t agree with or follow their rules.  Traditionalists and other members of the Angry god club love to bash people over the head with their list of rules.  Rules they love to backup with Scripture taken out of context along with Papal documents (sound familiar? Protestant fundamentalists do the same thing).  And I came to the conclusion that Trads follow an ideology of their own making.  To them, outward signs and behaviors are more important than internal reality.  All judgment, no mercy or forgiveness.

Trads follow and violently verbally impose an ideology of what they think Catholic tradition looks like.  They say the Church has succumbed to Modernism and forgotten the past while only they have kept “true Catholicism” alive.  They say that the Catholic Church was perfect before Vatican II.  They say people knew the faith better and sinned less before Vatican II.  They say if Vatican II hadn’t happened the Church would be much better off.

The thing is: they’re wrong.  Vatican II was never the problem.  The bad, banal, incorrect, and even sometimes immoral application of it was the problem.  But the Church was no better BEFORE Vatican II either.  The myth of the Catholic Golden Age of the Church is just that: a myth.  But traditionalists hold on to that myth as if it were absolute fact.  The Catholic Church herself is perfect but her members are sinners in need of a saviour.

Before VII, Catholics followed the rules and teachings of the faith because it was what everyone else did.  Most Catholics largely didn’t understand the what or the why.  Father said it so they obeyed it.  This wasn’t faith or true obedience.  It was compliance.  Love of Jesus may not have been a factor.  You followed the rules because otherwise you were separated from the group and you were never to separate yourself from the group.  Passive compliance to keep the peace.

But what has happened and the decline in Mass attendance largely had nothing to do with Vatican II.  Mass attendance was on the decline starting back in the 1950s though there was a surge upwards in the 1960s during and after VII.  Two world wars, the change in sexual mores, economic security through increased consumer consumption probably had more to do with people leaving the Catholic Church (and Protestant churches as well) than Vatican II.  But most traditionalists refuse to see that.  They buy into that myth of destruction and the previous “Golden Catholic Age.”  They focus so much on the outward that they neglect the inward.  And alienate a whole lot of Catholics who are honestly following Jesus and his Church as best they can.  Or even downright push people to leave the Catholic Church because they do not meet the traditionalists man made rules.

So traddies follow a man made ideology of catholicism while the rest of us Catholics, who just want to be faithful Catholics, follow the theology of the fullness of truth of Holy Mother Catholic Church.

Are there good, kind, loving traditionalists out there? I don’t know, possibly, but all I ever come across are the angry, mean, abusive, and judgmental ones. 

Thankfully Jesus isn’t bound to traditionalists.  I’ll take the real Jesus who offers forgiveness and mercy and love and salvation.  His yoke is easy and burden light.  He will not let me go.



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