The Phone is Dead. Long Live the Phone

Yes,  I had to get a new phone.   At least upgrading wasn’t  expensive.  Actually, it was free and a payment plan.

The processor in my other phone was dying so I needed to get a new phone.  And I need a phone to be able to get a job.  I spent so much time running around yesterday trying to fix that phone.

First I went to Best Buy and the guy is it’s either the battery or the processor and sent me to Batteries Plus to get a new battery.

Then Batteries Plus where the guy tried a new battery but it wasn’t the battery.

Third trip and back to Best Buy to talk to another  guy who said it was the processor dying.

Fourth trip was to T-Mobile who updated the software and did a reflash.  Which lasted all of 45 minutes.  So I deleted everything off the phone and went back today and upgraded.  So hopefully this one will be good.

And now I have to figure it all out.  And put in all my contacts.



Type this later, if I remember.

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