Modesty, Quiverfull, Bill Gothard, and Josh Duggar

Yes, all these things go together.

Update: The police report where much of the information I refer to was taken by a state trooper who is now serving time for child pornography. While that does not lessen the severity of the crime or the validity of the report, it does show that the Duggars operate in environment of avoidance and ignorance. They knew better but still chose to cover up and punish the victims rather than truly help Josh and the victims.

This post is to show how Josh Duggar could commit the crimes he did and get away with it while never truly taking responsibility. The one factor that I don’t touch on is the possible sexual abuse of Josh while it would be an influence he still made the choice to molest.

Josh Duggar grew up in an environment where girls are blamed for men’s sins. He learned from a young age that he did not have to take any real responsibility for his actions, behaviors, or words.  He just had to point the finger at someone else and women were the best target.

Clothing modesty is only expected of women so that even a boy’s sister could be guilty of seducing her brother by the way she dressed.  Even girls as young as five are expected to dress in a manner that does not bring attention to their bodies and the fact that they have female bodies.

Quiverfull and Patriarchy go hand in hand.  Josh Duggar learned that he had rights and demands over women, even over his own sisters all because he is male.  If he falters, he has every right to blame the females in his life for causing  him to sin.  He can point the finger at any female and say that they dressed too proactively or they acted in a seductive manner, etc. and these women have to accept the blame and internalize it.  They are the ones that have to pay the price, not Josh Duggar, not in Patriarchy/Quiverfull.  They know better while he does not, being so weak.

Bill Gothard taught the boys and men who used his homeschooling material, who attended his Institutes, that men have rights while girls do not.  And yes, he infantilizes women.  But then he has also sexually molested girls at his campus for years while also allowing his own brother to do the same with impunity.  Just read  The stories there tell it all.

I am not apologizing for Josh Duggar.  I am pointing out that he was raised in an abusive environment that allowed him to abuse and get away with it, police report and “counseling” notwithstanding.  He learned no boundaries and responsibilities.  He did not learn right from wrong, not really.  He only quit because he got caught not because he was committing a crime against vulnerable girls.  And he is still thinking only of himself.

The girls he molested (and normally I would use allegedly because he had not been convicted or adjuticated in a court of law but the police report is useful here to make my point) have been forgotten. Actually, they were probably bullied into silence after being forced to forgive Josh and told that it was their fault that it happened.  They may have received “Gothard counseling” which isn’t counseling at all but gaslighting and severe pressure to conform to a system.  These girls were further victimized and are still being victimized because they cannot talk about it.  They have been turned into the perpetrators and Josh as the victim by their own family, by Bill Gothard, by Patriarchy/Quiverfull, by purity and modesty culture, by Josh, by those that accept the lies the Duggar family propogate through their lifestyle and TV show.

In the end, all these things: modesty, Quiverfull, Patriarchy, and Bill Gothard teach that women do not have bodies.  And if they do not have bodies then they are not real people. And if they are not real people then all sorts of abuse and violence can committed against and upon them without the perpetrators suffering any kind of consequence.

I hope that one day these girls realize they were the true victims in all this, that they get the help they need, and that they find the strength and courage to tell their story.  And to leave the world of abuse they live in.



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