I’d Like To Upgrade Please

Not my phone, my digestive system which has been a pain all weekend and so I missed Mass today. 

I had planned on going to an earlier Mass this morning due to the fact that they were having Confirmation at the 11:30 Mass I regularly attend and didn’t want to deal with that headache.  But when I woke up for the 8:30 Mass my body was already hurting and I wasn’t sure how bad everything would get.  I’ve been dealing with this particular bout since Friday.  So I decided to sleep some more and see if by 3 if I would be able to go to 5:30 Spanish Mass.  Well, there is still some pain but here it is nearly a quarter after 5 so I didn’t make it to Mass.  I did not plan on missing Mass today but my body had other plans.

I’m avoiding TMI so I won’t go into what I think the medical condition is that seems to be affecting me except to maybe call it cranky digestive system.  Or grumpy.  Well, it ain’t happy.  But yes, I’d like to upgrade my digestive system to one that didn’t give me so much trouble.  Oh well.

Now to see if I can eat something and not have Cranky get, well, cranky.



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