Book Review: The Obesity Myth


Paul Campos, a lawyer, pulls about the myth of obesity.  The first two chapters deal with the scientific studies that allege that America is suffering from an obesity epidemic. 

The truth is: we aren’t.  

He looks at the actual studies and their results and demonstrates from the science how being 75 pounds “overweight” is much healthier than being 5 pounds “underweight”. He covers how the weight tables and BMI are pretty useless and worthless in determining health and wellness because they are based off self reported weights for white men to insurance companies in the 1950s and 1960s.  Activity is a much better indicator of health.

He then goes on to discuss the eating – disordered culture we live in and how we celebrate anorexic behavior.  Campos also shows how fat shaming/obesity is the last acceptable prejudice which allows us to be racist, classist, and sexist all under the veneer of “health”. 

He covers the politics of fat and how government has legislated anorexic behavior all in support of the $50 billion plus diet industry. 

Overall, a very excellent read.

A definite recommend



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