Walking On Eggshells

I spent most of my life after my sisters were born walking on eggshells around my mother.  I never knew what was going to set her off.  Though most of the time it didn’t involve me doing anything.  I was always afraid.  Afraid of the explosion.  Going from quiet monster to raging bull running down … Continue reading Walking On Eggshells

LGBTQ “Rights”

Update : I posted this and then found out that the Supreme Court had ruled in favor of “gay marriage.” Please pray because I will not let this world be destroyed by such horrible acceptance of sin. I still cannot fathom how legislating sin can be beneficial because it isn’t. It’s damaging and destructive. We … Continue reading LGBTQ “Rights”

Erasing Curves

Which isn’t really possible. Do you know why thin is considered the only “acceptable” female form?  Straight lines are easy to erase.  Curves are not. Think of a drawing.  Straight lines take little work to make and little work to remove.  Curvy lines take more effort and work, are more deliberate.  More dangerous. Now think … Continue reading Erasing Curves


I ended up doing a lot today. Woke up before noon only to find the ants had definitely come back.  So I called the apartment manager to have an exterminator cone out and spray.  They’ll be out tomorrow.  I’m glad it was so easy this time to just call, explain the problem, and have it … Continue reading Errands

A Day

Three days in a row I’ve managed to get out of my apartment and do something.  When dealing with depression and anxiety, this is a big deal. This is the oldest educational building West of the Mississippi.  This is on campus of my alma mater. It’s current location is a result of a move they … Continue reading A Day