I ended up doing a lot today.

Woke up before noon only to find the ants had definitely come back.  So I called the apartment manager to have an exterminator cone out and spray.  They’ll be out tomorrow.  I’m glad it was so easy this time to just call, explain the problem, and have it dealt with.

Killed the ants in the shower/bathtub and grabbed a quick shower.  Went and dealt with the Post Office stuff I needed to do.  Ate lunch and then headed out to do the big things.

I had to go to DEQ to test and renew tags.  They now have a self-service lane so I was in and out pretty quickly.  Getting there took nearly an hour, however, due to taffic.  There was a car accident that took out the electrical box for the traffic lights at an intersection and people had to slow down to look.  Then there was construction.  But actual DEQ was quick.

Then I had to make a return.  That wasn’t so bad but then did a fitting to make an exchange.  Of course, it decided to rain. 

Traffic going home was bad because that intersection was still without power and so it had turned into a three way stop (the one street doesn’t go all the way through).  Got more lettuce and tomatoes for salad.  Filled up the gas tank.  Picked up a book I had requested.  Now I’m home.

I’m not going out tomorrow.  I’ve done a lot in the last few days.  And the exterminator is coming, so I have to be until he gets here.  But when dealing with anxiety and depression any activity is good.

Some really bad puns from the vet office and appliance store I drove by.

What did the Dogfather say?

I’ll make you an off-fur you can’t re-fur-se.

Time flies like an arrow.
Fruit flies like a banana.

Yes, they really are that bad.



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