Erasing Curves

Which isn’t really possible. Do you know why thin is considered the only “acceptable” female form?  Straight lines are easy to erase.  Curves are not.

Think of a drawing.  Straight lines take little work to make and little work to remove.  Curvy lines take more effort and work, are more deliberate.  More dangerous.

Now think of a straight stretch of highway versus a stretch of highway full of curves alongside mountains and switchbacks.  The straight stretch is easy to navigate, open, simple to use, and doesn’t require a lot of effort.  The stretch with curves and switchbacks is much more difficult to navigate, having to be aware of your environment, the road itself, signage about curves and how fast to take them, and so much more mentally and physically intensive.  More dangerous if you make a mistake or there are problems with the road.

A thin woman is easy to erase out of existance.  She doesn’t have a body or so little of a body that it is easy to ignore and erase.

Curvy women, fat women, well, they can’t be erased.  Their bodies exist and cannot be easily removed.  Their bodies are in your face, so to speak.  You cannot ignore a fat woman’s body.  That woman exists, is real.

Having a body allows a person to exist, to engage in the world, to make an impact, to give voice to ills and pains and sorrows and joys and pleasures.  A body makes you real.  Bodies are not objects but an act of creation by God aided by your parents.

But we live in a world that is actively out to erase women and their existence.  And women encourage and even take part in this erasure of half of humanity.  All in the name of “health” and even “beauty” or even “rights”.  It is all a bunch of lies.



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