Pre-job Anxiety

I have spent the last week dealing with a constant level of anxiety.  I was first worried that the background check would fail or the training date would be pushed back.  Then it was the details of when, where, and what to wear.  I got that info yesterday and today.  But still freaking out. The … Continue reading Pre-job Anxiety

Trolling for Kids

Apparently, pointing out how “gay marriage” can potentially hurt children makes me a bigot.  Because name calling *so proves* the same sex parents are “better” at being parents than opposite sex parents.  Sorry, no it doesn’t. Science has proven time and again that children thrive much better in a home where their mother and father … Continue reading Trolling for Kids

Why Diets Make You Fatter — And What to Do About It | Alternet

While this article is a few years old, it still has good info.–_and_what_to_do_about_it (I go hunting for anti-diet info whenever I think about dieting.  I know it doesn’t work but I still struggle with how I see myself and my body.  And the constant bombardment of diets and weight loss products doesn’t help. So … Continue reading Why Diets Make You Fatter — And What to Do About It | Alternet

Yes, The Children

Yesterday’s post garnered quite a lot of attention.  And it brought out the comment trolls.  Policy is still enforced. There was a point that I didn’t make yesterday and applies not just to gays and children but society’s view of children in general.  Children have become a possession instead of the people they actually are.  … Continue reading Yes, The Children

What About The Children?

“Gay marriage ” does not protect children.  It abuses them.  “Gay marriage” provides a “legally” promoted structure that hurts children in every way.  In “gay marriage”, children are property and objects to be taken from their parents and raised in an environment that is oriented towards the adults selfish sexual gratification.  Children lose their God … Continue reading What About The Children?